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Picower Talks on Early Life Stress & Mental Health Now Online

May 8, 2012

Courtesy of Picower Institute

If you’re interested in the links between childhood adversity and brain science, but didn’t have a chance to attend the Spring 2012 Picower Symposium, “New Insights on Early Life Stress & Mental Health,” at MIT last month, you’re in luck.

All 12 scientists’ talks are now online. And it’s the perfect time to watch them, as May 6-12 is National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week.

Here are the direct links:

Matt Wilson: Opening Remarks

Jane Isaacs-Lowe: Rewiring the Trajectory for Vulnerable Children: A Foundation Perspective

Bruce McEwen: The Brain on Stress:  Adaptive Plasticity in Response to the Social Environment

John Eckenrode: Preventing early adversity and improving the life chances of socially disadvantaged children & families

Michael Meaney: Effects of maternal care on gene regulation and behavior

Robert Anda: The Lifelong Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences on Health and Society. Neurobiology & Epidemiology Converge

Andrew Garner: Translating Developmental Science into Healthy Lives

Kay Tye: Activating dopamine neurons acutely rescues a stress-induced depression phenotype

Moshe Szyf: The DNA methylation landscape of early life adversity

Li-Huei TsaiThe convergence of epigenetics and stress in cognitive impairment and repair

Jack P. Shonkoff: Leveraging the Biology of Adversity to Shape the Future of Early Childhood Policy

Steve HymanClosing Remarks

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